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Sport Complex

Viva Goal Fusol and Arcade Sport-1.png

Viva Goal Fusol and Arcade

Owner: Viva Goal

Location: Pattanakarn Rd. Bangkok

Area: 4,500 sq.m.

Contract Price: 35,000,000 THB.

Ayodhayalink Golf Club-1.png

Ayodhayalink Golf Club

Owner: Bangpain Golf Co.,Ltd

Location: Wangnoi, Ayuthaya

Area: 32,000 sq.m.

Contract Price: 350,000,000 THB

Club House Chiang Mai-1.png

Club House Chiangmai - Lamphun

Owner: Chiang Mai Golf & Country Club

Location: San Kamphaeng, Banthi Rd., Chiang Mai

Area: 2,800 sq.m

Contract Price: 80,000,000 THB.

Loch Palm Golf Club,Phuket-1.png

Loch Palm Golf Club, Phuket

Owner: MBK Resort Public Company Limited

Location: Vichitsongkram Rd. Kathu, Phuket

Area: 5,000 sq.m

Contract Price: 180,000,000 THB.

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