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Shopping Complex

United Center Plaza Renovation

Owner: United Center Co.,Ltd

Location: 323 Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 

Area: 9,000 sq.m

Contract Price: 100,000,000 THB

United Center-1.png
Jampha Shop-1.png

JamPha Shopping Mall

Owner: Jampah Savemart Co.,Ltd.

Location: Lamphun Province

Area: 18,000 sq.m.

Contract Price: 420,000,000 THB

The Trees-1.png

The Trees

Owner: P.L. Avenue Co., Ltd

Location: Bangkhuwat, Mueng, Phathumthani.

Area: 10,0000 sq.m.

Contract Price: 190,000,000 THB

Zen -1.png

Zen Extension (ME)

Owner: Central Department Store Co.,Ltd.

Location: Ratchaprasong Pratunum, Bangkok

Area: 80,000 sq.m.

Contract Price: 450,000,000 THB

The Bright-1.png
The Nine-1.png

The Nine

Owner: The Nine Center Co.,Ltd

Location: Rama 9 Rd. Suanluang, Bangkok 

Area: 23,095 sq.m.

Contract Price: 504,000,000 THB

The Bright

Owner: Lamptan Property Co., Ltd

Location: Rama II, Bangkok 

Area: 45,000 sq.m.

Contract Price: 850,000,000 THB

Sirisin Plaza-1.png

Sirisin Plaza Koh Samui

Owner: Sirisin Trading Co., Ltd

Location: Koh Samui Suratthani 

Area: 4,000 sq.m.

Contract Price: 60,000,000 THB

Sermthai Complex-1.png

Sermthai Complex Mahasarakham

Owner: Sermthai (2003) Co.,Ltd.

Location: Mueang Mahasarakham, Talat Mahasarakham

Area: 63,423 sq.m

Contract Price: 1,200,000,000 THB

Sernthai Plaza-1.png

Renovation Sermthai Plaza

Owner: Sermthai (2003) Co.,Ltd.

Location: 103 Rimklongsomthawin Rd. and 1/1-4 Phangmuangbancha Rd. T.Talad A.Muang, Mahasarakham 

Area: 5,000 sq.m.

Contract Price: 43,000,000 THB

Central Wongsawang-1.png

Central Wongsawang Town Center

Owner: Central Retail Corporation Ltd.

Location: 888 Pibusongkram Rd. Bangsue, Bangkok 10800

Area: 22,542 sq.m.

Contract Price: 137,000,000 THB

Big C Supercenter Public Company Limited

Owner: BigC Supercenter Public Company Limited.

Building Type: 1-2 Storeys

Contract Price: 120 - 510 Million Bath/ Store 

Central Plaza Rattanathibet

Owner: Central Pattana Public Company Limited

Location: Rattanathibet Road, Bang Kraso, Mueang, Nonthaburi

Area: 5,500 sq.m.

Contract Price: 35,000,000 THB

Central Rattanathibet-1.png
Big C super center-1.png

Homeworks Petchakasem​

Owner: CRC Power Retail Co.,Ltd.

Location: Petchakasem Road, Bangkok

Area: 11,000 sq.m.

Contract Price: 135,000,000 THB

Homeworks Central Rattanathibeth Town Center

Owner: CRC Power Retail Co.,Ltd.

Location: Rattanathibeth Road, Nonthaburi

Area: 9,000 sq.m.

Contract Price: 125,000,000 THB

Homeworks Pattaya

Owner: CRC Power Retail Co.,Ltd.

Location: Sukhumvit Road Nongprue, Bang Lamung, Chonburi

Area: 33,000 sq.m.

Contract Price: 250,000,000 THB

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